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Franklin School Site Council (SSC)


Franklin's School Site Council is composed of the principal, 2 teachers, 1 other school personnel and 4 parents. Parents are selected by school-wide parent voting and serve for 2 years. Teachers are selected by other teachers and serve for 3 years. Parent elections are held in the Spring; look for announcements in The Franklin Falcon Newsletter or email [email protected] for information.


School Site Council meetings are held monthly. SSC meetings are open to everyone. Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of the month. Times and agendas are posted in advance on the Franklin Website.

Rob Ardrey, Chairperson
Alan Petrossian
Elena Kwei-Raley
Tara Marinaro
Jude Lawrence, Principal
Joan Mulkerrins, Teacher
Robert Singer, Teacher
Stephanie O'Dea, Other School Personnel

School Site Council

Roles and Responsibilities

The school site council at each district school shall: 

  • Develop a comprehensive school safety plan relevant to the needs and resources of that particular school. (Education Code 32281)
  • Conduct an ongoing review of the plan implementation to determine its effectiveness in meeting children's needs. Modify the plan if needed.
  • Develop, for approval by the Board, a school plan that addresses the components specified in Education Code 52853. This plan shall be incorporated into the school's single plan for student achievement required for the state's consolidated application process. (Education Code 5285364001)


Big 5 Community Packet (PDF)